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Hi, I'm Knit and CroShay!

Hopefully by now, you've guessed that my name is actually Shay, and that I do know how to spell "crochet" correctly. Bad jokes aside, I started this blog as an outlet. An outlet for me, an outlet for other makers, and hopefully an outlet for anyone in search of some relaxation, creativity, and humor.

I knit and crochet to de-stress on an *almost* everyday basis. In fact, during the most stressful times in my life, I've found that I create and make projects like they're going out of style! I love to learn from the maker comuity, and I hope that this blog contributes to the maker community through further sharing, communing, and hopefully inspiring other makers as my creative journey unravels.

For this first post, I decided to share 10 quick facts about myself below, listicle-style, because I like GIFs (bonus fact about me) and quick reads!

1. I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and currently reside in Washington, DC.

2. My aunt first taught me to crochet when I was 8.

3. I stopped crocheting for years, and recently picked it back up after encouragement from a friend.

4. I'm a self-taught knitter, and continue to learn day by day. YouTube = LIFE.

5. I have a yarn problem. As in, if I see a yarn I want, I MUST have it. (This typically involves me talking myself out of buying it, leaving the store, returning to the store, staring at the yarn longingly, texting a friend about it, being scolded by said friend, then buying it anyway.)

6. I'm a lawyer by training/education/skill/etc. (Also, I love SVU, even though my life is nothing like it.)

7. I'm getting married this year! (Which means some wedding-themed projects!)

8. I am tri-lingual (English, Spanish, and a teensy weensy bit of French).

9. I have a French Bulldog named Louie. He is the cutest French Bulldog ever. Period. No debates.

10. This is my first blog. (so be nice, ok?)

I hope that you enjoy this quick introduction, and come back to read my future posts! In the meantime, check out my Instagram (@knitandcroshay) to stay updated on the latest!


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